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Retreats & little escapes

The experience

If you're not quite ready for a weekend away, then perhaps a little yoga taster experience would be perfect for you?

Either half day full day experiences peppered throughout the year.

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'Yoga & Lunch' events........

yoga session plan
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The Weekend Escape


Time for you to take a pause...

Treat yourself to a few days away in a beautiful place, nestled in nature and away from your everyday routine and busyness of life where it's often difficult to stop and evaluate what you're doing and where you're going. The escapes are in collaboration with friends who share the same values and are also passionate about sharing their time and skills in a whole variety of ways including:         

Yoga, Alexander Technique, mindfulness, guided walking, outdoor swimming and creative arts.  

A typical day will begin with an energising yoga practice, followed by a combination of some of the activities mentioned above.  At the end of the day you'll be nourished with gentle flowing and restorative yoga with guided meditation or yoga nidra.  


Of course, space will always be created for sharing, talking, music, laughter...or simply silence or rest if that's what you need. 

A Yoga Sapien escape allows you time to review what’s important and to make decisions about the things you'd like to start doing and the things you may need to stop doing. 

A time to re-connect with yourself and nature, enjoy sumptuous and wholesome foods, make new friends, relax deeply and return home with fully charged batteries.

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"You yourself, as much as anyone in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."


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