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Since I LOVE yoga...and I LOVE healthy food, I've teamed up with my lovely friend Pam (who just so happens to be the most wonderful cook!) to organise YOGA & LUNCH events.  They take place one Saturday every other month and are held at:

The Fellside Centre, Kendal - 11am to 2pm

Come in for as brew before class starts if you like for a cuppa, then enjoy an hour and a half of mindful yoga to free up those joints and energise your morning.  Then we'll eat a delicious and nutritious vegetarian lunch, with home-made cakes or puddings, and lovely drinks. 

We theme the lunches for variety - i.e. Mexican feast, Middle Eastern mezze, Spanish tapas, Greek gorgeousness!...yum!!  Always open to other suggestions too!

The cost is £35pp and GIFT CARDS are also available,

so you can treat yourself or a friend


Booking is essential, so please get in touch with me to reserve your place.

Yoga and lunch - Yoga Sapien_edited.jpg
Yoga and lunch at the Fellside Centre_edited.jpg

Dates for 2022

Saturday 21st May

Spanish tortilla and summer salads

Saturday 16th July

Middle Eastern mezze

Saturday 3rd September


Saturday 12th November

Italian feast

All served with unlimited drinks and the most delicious puddings/cakes

Perhaps you would like us to deliver a Yoga & Lunch event for your birthday or special occasion at your venue (minimum number of 12 people)?  

Please get in touch if you have a private event you'd like us to be involved in. 

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